Access to Free E-Books

Free E-Books

The DOE is providing free access to summer reading and learning resources for all NYC students, via Sora, an online ebook reader. Students and staff can log in to Sora, using their DOE credentials, and instantly access hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks on virtually any device.

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NYC DOE Accounts

Renaissance Email Accounts

Students should use their Renaissance Google Accounts to login to their Google Classrooms & check their emails for important updates.

Forgot your Renaissance email?

[full first name][last initial][last 4 digits of osis #]

(Example: John Doe- OSIS 123456789 would be

If you forgot your password, contact any of your teachers to reset it.

Arts Department

 ARTS written in artists tools 

Course Offerings

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Acting

Beginning & Advanced Band

Concert Choir & Varsity Voices

Musical Theater

Beginning & Advanced Studio Art

 Set Design & Stage Crew

Pit Band

Arts Department Staff

Health & Physical Education Department

 Various sports equipment 

Course Offerings

Aerobics, Health, Sports Survey, Weight Training & Yoga

Physical Education Department Staff

Justin Ritchie & Peter LeBlanc PE Teachers Mr. Ritchie & Mr. LeBlanc  

Foreign Language Department

 Earth with text bubbles coming off saying hello in different languages 

Course Offerings

Spanish Levels 1-6

AP Spanish

Foreign Language Department

 Kenya Rivera

Portrait of Kenya Rivera